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Where to buy Clomid for men

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  Clomid men in bodybuilding is one of the common pharmacological drugs in the bodybuilders first-aid kit on steroids. In this article we will talk about what Clomid is, how infertility medicine for women got into bodybuilding, give instructions for use on the steroid course and after it (on PCT), and compare what is better than tamoxifen or clomid.
Clomid (clomiphene citrate) is a powerful antiestrogen, very similar in its effect to tamoxifen (tamoxifen citrate).

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 Clomid gained great popularity in the 1970s in medicine as a drug for the treatment of infertility in women and today it is still one of its main uses.
In bodybuilding, clomid is used by athletes on the course of anabolic steroids to eliminate the side effects associated with the partial conversion of steroids to estrogen (female sex hormone), as well as to stimulate the domestic production of testosterone after a course of steroids (PCT), which is suppressed when taking steroids.

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